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Termites Are The Pest That You Can’t Afford

Termites may be small, but they cause serious damage to the homes they invade. Across the U.S., termites generate over five billion in damages to structures every year, and most homeowners’ insurance does not cover the costs. Protecting your home from termites is vital to both your house and your wallet. W.O.L.F. Pest Control provides termite control services that will protect your home from pests and provide you with the peace of mind of being backed by our termite insurance.

Termite Control From W.O.L.F. Pest Control

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We’ll begin with a thorough visual inspection to determine if you already have termites active in your house. We also use this time to go over our treatment options and provide you with a quote for our services.


At W.O.L.F. Pest Control, we offer two types of termite control: Conventional liquid treatments and bait systems.
Our liquid treatments involve digging a trench around the perimeter of your house and applying Termidor® into it before filling it back in. This treatment is undetectable to termites, and they pick it up on their bodies when they cross through it. Once it’s on them, it not only affects them but can also be transferred to other termites, eventually eliminating the entire colony.
Our bait system is the Trelona A.T.B.S. system. We’ll install bait stations into the ground every 20 feet around the perimeter of your home. The bait is pre-installed, so once the termites find the stations, they’ll take the bait and spread it throughout their colony until it eliminates them all.


Our Termidor® treatment includes an annual inspection. Our Trelona A.T.B.S. system includes bi-annual inspections.

Guaranteed Termite Protection

In order to keep your home safe from termites, you need the help of a professional pest control company. This avenue of termite protection will provide you with the protection against termites that you seek and the insurance to cover any future termite damage. For your termite control needs, contact W.O.L.F. Pest Control today.


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