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Bed Bug Control Baton Rouge| W.O.L.F. Pest Control

…Bug Control Bed Bugs Biting? W.O.L.F. Pest Control Can Help! No one wants to think about bugs crawling around… …during the night, and once they get into your house, you won’t be able to get rid of them easily. Luckily, the… …treatment specially formulated for bed bugs, we’ll treat the areas where bed bugs are most likely to hide. Treatment…
July 21, 2021

What Denham Springs Property Owners Ought To Know About Ticks  

…ticks prefer to feed on domesticated canines. If you have a dog, you can have trouble with American dog ticks. While bites are…
November 13, 2020

Mosquito Control Baton Rouge | W.O.L.F. Pest Control

…Mosquito Control Your Mosquito Problem Can Be A Thing Of The Past Mosquitoes are the kind of pest that… …likely to rest. This inspection allows us to determine if you need treatment and, if so, which areas to treat. Treatment We use a fogging machine to treat…
July 21, 2021

Four Easy Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Denham Springs Property  

…fever  Encephalitis  Tularemia If your home is hosting a family of malicious mosquitoes, your springtime outdoor… …property safe from mosquito activity. Instead of providing you with a list of unproven hearsay, W.O.L.F. Pest Control… …that could be pooling water (such as tarps and toys).  Treat birdbaths and fountains with mosquito larvae…
March 15, 2021

Residential Pest Control Baton Rouge | W.O.L.F. Pest Control

…in! This quarterly service plan protects you from home-invading pests all year round! This plan includes coverage… …meaning if pests return, we'll return to re-treat at no additional charge! What's Included In The W.O.L.F. Defender… …Exclusion When they find their way inside, rodents can cause a lot of damage as well as present a serious health threat for…
July 21, 2021

Commercial Pest Control Baton Rouge LA | W.O.L.F. Pest Control

…Business Free From The Threat Of Pests! When you own a business, you juggle many responsibilities in order to keep all… …parts running smoothly. One thing going wrong can often affect other areas, only compounding the difficulties of… …During our mosquito abatement services, we’ll treat the breeding areas on your property and the areas where adult…
July 21, 2021

Baton Rouge Pest Control | W.O.L.F. Pest Control

…Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the surrounding areas. As a local, family owned business based in Denham Springs, it’s our pleasure to serve you! Residential Services View Services | Free InspectionAt… …exterminators and with our PestZero Guarantee you can rest assured knowing that if pests return, Schendel returns for free…
July 21, 2021

Request Your Free Pest Control Inspection

…Use the form below to set up your free inspection with a friendly W.O.L.F. Pest Control technician. A client representative will contact you shortly to confirm a date and time for our technician to…
November 6, 2019

What Denham Springs Property Owners Need To Know About German Cockroaches

…German Cockroaches Are Common The German cockroach has a worldwide reputation because of their ability to… …to inspect the items for signs of cockroaches. This can be a difficult task due to their size and ability to hide in small places. If you have an infestation of German Cockroaches, there is a…
December 15, 2020

Termite Control Baton Rouge | W.O.L.F. Pest Control

…Termite Control Termites Are The Pest That You Can’t Afford Termites may be small, but they cause… …Pest Control Free Inspection We’ll begin with a thorough visual inspection to determine if you already…
July 21, 2021

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