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  • Andrew Doerfler

Pest control for the Fall

While the summer months seem to be the peak of bug season, it's crucial to maintain proper pest control year-round so that for the fall and winter seasons your home remains protected. As the cooler months approach us here in South Louisiana, some pests may make their way into your home in an attempt to escape the lower temperatures. Here are the home invaders to look out for and techniques that you can use to protect your home this fall and winter season.

Common Home Pests in the Cooler Seasons

In the cold days and nights of the fall in South Louisiana, temperatures can dip as low as the 40°'s, driving bugs, pests, and rodents into homes in search of warmth. We can't blame them, but we also don't have to live with them. Several types of pests and species, in particular, are especially prevalent this time of year.

1) Cockroaches

That's right. The dreaded cockroach can be more common in South Louisiana homes during the fall months. Cockroaches are cold-blooded bugs, and they are unable to regulate their body temperatures. Unfortunately, they might seek out a warm refuge, and that warm place can often be your home. If you notice cockroaches inside, it's time to consider implementing pest control methods.

2) Rodents

Rats and mice can strike terror in even the most fearless people, and they're more likely to inhabit your home when the weather gets cooler. Rodents also seek food sources in the fall as their options outside become more scarce, and look to invade attics and make nests in walls and ceilings to keep warm. Rodents can be a health hazard, so if you see rodent droppings or hear them scurrying around in the walls or ceilings, you'll need the proper pest control.

3) Spiders

Many spiders hunt and feed off of insects. So if there are many insects that cannot regulate their body temperatures and seek out warm refuge during the fall, spiders may also invade your homes to hunt. This is bad news for homeowners. No one wants to pull back the shower curtain to see a spider lounging in the tub. Luckily, most spiders are not known for being aggressive, but if you accidentally press up against the spider, the spider may defend itself and bite. Spider bites can be painful, and some can be a health hazard if the spider is highly venomous or the bite becomes infected. Thankfully, this is not a common occurrence, but proper pest control can help tackle the problem before it even begins.

4) Silverfish

They're not fish, they're little silver bugs, and they love dark, damp, and warm places. The cooler weather might drive them inside, and they're incredibly unsightly and can chew and damage fabrics, paper, and cardboard. What makes them harder to spot than your regular pest is that they like to crawl where it is dark as night, and they like to hide in cracks and crevices, so you may not even see them at all. But you'll know they've been there if you find their small black pepper-like droppings or start to notice holes in shirts or household items. There are several signs that you may need professional pest control for your home during the fall. You may be tempted to try over-the-counter or generic products that you can buy from your local store, or try some home natural remedies like using clove, peppermint, essential oils, cinnamon, orange peels, etc. But, for severe infestations often a professional service by a certified and trained applicator is needed. But don't worry, W.O.L.F. Pest Control still offers pet-friendly, children and family-friendly, and environmentally friendly solutions to all your pest related problems. So although for most bug activity trying to solve the problem on your own might not be a great idea, there are definitely preventative measures that you can take first in hopes to lessen your chances of invasion. During the fall, protect your home by making it an unpleasant place for rodents and bugs to stay. Keep all food, including pet food, sealed. Airtight or metal containers are the best, as pests won't be able to eat their way into them. Insects love to congregate around trash. So making sure your kitchen and bathrooms are clean of food and debris, and that you take out your trash often can really help lessen the attractiveness of your homes to these pesky bugs. Additionally, any blankets, sweaters, or pillows you have stored in the closet or attic should be kept in plastic and vacuum sealed containers if possible. This leaves pests with nowhere to create a warm and inviting nest.

You can also make sure that there is a tight barrier around your house, helping to reduce any invasion by insects or rodents from the outside. Making sure that doors and windows are properly sealed can help prevent ants from crawling inside. Window and Door screens should be in good condition and this can help make sure that flying insects aren't able to swarm into your home. Lastly, rodents are known for using tree branches to get onto a roof, where they can use roof intersections and vent stacks as entry points into your attic or house. So it is very important that trees and bushes are trimmed away from the structure and that the roof and soffit are in good condition. Believe it or not, this will help prevent ants from using these trees to crawl inside, too! The harder you make it for insects or rodents to enter, the less of a chance there is that they'll make your house their home.

Seeking Professional Pest Control for the Fall Months

It's a good idea to seek professional pest control for your South Louisiana home as the fall months are upon us. Here at W.O.L.F. Pest Control our experts can help prepare your home to safeguard against bugs and rodents.

Should you notice bugs, rodents, or droppings and trails in your home, ask our experts online, free of charge, by uploading photos of the evidence you've found. We'll review your information and call you back with our professional opinion. If needed, we will set up a free on-site inspection to determine your family's pest control needs this fall.


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