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cockroaches crawling on a bedroom floor

What Denham Springs Property Owners Need To Know About German Cockroaches

December 15, 2020

The word cockroach has become synonymous with dirty. There is no question that a cockroach sign inside your home or business is cause for concern. In Denham Springs, the German cockroach is one of several species you might encounter. Other species in the area include the American cockroach and Oriental cockroach, which are larger than the German Cockroach.... Read More

a dog tick crawling on human skin

What Denham Springs Property Owners Ought To Know About Ticks  

November 13, 2020

Louisiana is home to several pest ticks. We have the American dog tick, the brown dog tick, the infamous blacklegged tick, the appropriately named Gulf Coast tick, and the abundant lone star tick. Let's take a moment to look at each of these and touch on the facts you need to know most about them.... Read More

a cockroach crawling in a kitchen sink

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Denham Springs Home

October 15, 2020

Cockroaches need two main things in order to live. First of all, they need easy access to food sources. While they aren't particularly picky about what they eat, they prefer sweet foods, meats, and starches, but will also eat things like books and even decaying matter.... Read More

an earwig on a leaf

Are The Earwigs Around My Denham Springs Property Dangerous?

September 15, 2020

Some pests inspire a feeling of dread because of what they’re known to do to property or the health of anyone residing on the premises. However, some pests are viewed as such because of myths and rumors instead of facts. One such pest is the earwig.... Read More

silverfish on drywall

Are Silverfish In Denham Springs Dangerous?

August 14, 2020

Silverfish are household pests that Denham Springs property owners sometimes encounter. While you might be more familiar with other pests in the area such as rodents, ants, and flies, silverfish may be a bit of a mystery.... Read More

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