The Truth About Earwigs In Denham Springs, LA

September 15, 2021

When a pest is prevalent, they’re frequently discussed among Denham Springs home and business owners. Creepy crawlers that garner less attention are scarier because there’s more mystery surrounding them. Earwigs are one species that befuddles people and gives them chills. The average person doesn’t know how these gross-looking bugs come to be or if they are dangerous. With a little reading, you can have all the answers. Find out how earwigs operate and how to stop them with W.O.L.F. Pest Control.

earwig on a rock wall

What Do Earwigs Do in Your Ear?

The notion that earwigs target human ears to eat brains is just a wives’ tale. The bugs are no more likely to enter your ear than any other. Earwigs are reddish-brown and 1/4 of an inch to 1 inch long. They have flat and slim bodies. While they have two sets of wings, they don’t take flight. One startling feature they have are two protruding pincers from their abdomen. The parts are there to help them defend themselves, catch prey, and reproduce. No matter which of these activities they perform, a smelly liquid will be released.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Earwigs can prick you with their pincers. It will only be slightly painful. You might have a slight scratch on your skin, but it won’t be broken. No bleeding should occur. These insects do more harm to lawns and crops than humans, as they feed on sprouts, greenery, and decaying vegetation. They also consume other bugs. Cool and damp areas with plenty of shade are where they normally drop their eggs. Earwig populations are typically found around mulch, gardens, logs, and rocks. Additional facts about earwigs are:

  • They are nocturnal 

  • They run quickly 

  • They are usually in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms

  • They move in groups, but infestations are a rarity

What Attracts Earwigs Into Your Denham Springs Home?  

Given the aforementioned rooms that earwigs tend to go in, it’s no surprise that these pests are motivated by moisture and humidity. You’ll need to control these elements inside of your home. Further, you need to make sure that your lawn and domicile isn’t the ideal environment for them by: 

  • Laying gravel around your property’s perimeter. Avoid using soil and mulch. 

  • Placing plants, flowers, wood, and rocks at least two feet away or more from your property. 

  • Mowing the lawn and trim greenery on a routine basis. 

  • Taking time to direct downspouts and gutters away from foundations. 

  • All exterior doors need to have sweeps attached to them. 

  • Patching up holes in screens, windows, doors, and foundations.

  • Using a dehumidifier to regulate warmth. 

  • Having leaks and moisture problems resolved immediately. 

  • Outdoor lighting fixtures should have yellow bulbs. White ones draw earwigs. 

  • Examining exterior furniture, storage items, packages, newspapers, and plants before heading indoors with them. 

  • Putting food and trash in containers with secure lids. 

How Do You Kill Earwigs?

We at W.O.L.F. Pest Control have safe industrial-grade solutions to eradicate earwigs. Our treatments are fashioned to address both interior and exterior vulnerabilities, such as entry points. They include liquids, baits, granule products, and more for extermination and continued protection. Follow-up visits are available, and our comprehensive subscription plans are easy on the wallet. Our technicians are experienced and highly trained. Call us today at W.O.L.F. Pest Control to learn more about all of our pest prevention options.

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