How To Tell If It Is Bed Bugs In Your Denham Springs Home

July 15, 2021

Bed bugs are one of the most invasive pests commonly found in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Most people have heard of bed bugs and know these insects often live in bedding and mattresses, and they come out at night to get a blood meal. But they may not be aware of some other facts such as bed bugs being able to sense how much carbon dioxide humans let off, which allows them to know when we are sleeping.

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However, while bed bugs have a notorious reputation, they are often easy to misidentify. They are sometimes mistaken for other insects such as fleas or ticks. But, there aren't, as many people believe, invisible to the human eye and they do have some distinguishing traits.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to identify bed bugs and the signs of an infestation.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs look different at different stages of their life cycle. The adults have a flat reddish-brown body. They are about the size and shape of an apple seed. While they usually look flat and have a bit of a ribbed appearance on their backs, they will become round after they’ve eaten.

The eggs can be the hardest to spot because they are only about one millimeter long, but they will usually be found in clusters. They are white originally but the discarded egg casings will turn darker brown over time.

The nymphs are slightly bigger than the eggs and also have a whitish color. While slightly smaller than the adult bed bugs, the nymphs are similar in size and shape.

Four More Signs Of Bed Bugs

While you might see the actual bed bugs themselves as the infestation gets worse, you’re more likely to pick up on other signs of a bed bug infestation. Keep in mind that while bed bugs prefer to infest bedding and mattresses that they can also be found on other furniture, curtains, and even in holes in the walls. They often hide in the crevices of electrical outlets or small appliances, too.

By keeping an eye out for the following four signs of bed bug activity, you’ll be more likely to catch an infestation early on:

  1. Finding rusty bloodstains, especially on mattresses and bedding
  2. Discovering brown smear marks that come from bed bug droppings around bedding, fabric, and walls
  3. Noticing a musty odor that wasn’t around before
  4. Finding discarded egg casings and shed bed bugs skins around furniture or baseboards

You might also notice bed bug bites themselves. While these can look different from person to person, they usually show up in lines or zig-zag patterns, and you can be bitten anywhere that your skin is exposed while you sleep.

What Should You Do If You Have Bed Bugs?

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of bed bug activity, the easiest and most effective way to remove the infestation is with assistance from W.O.L.F. Pest Control. Bed bugs need to be completely removed, including all of the nymphs and eggs, or the infestation will just keep coming back.

The only truly reliable way to eradicate bed bugs is with professional pest control. With over 10 years of experience, we can get these nasty pests out of your home in no time and keep them from coming back. Just contact us today to request a free inspection.

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