A Handy Guide To Spider Control For Denham Springs Homeowners

May 14, 2021

That itsy-bitsy spider is crawling up the spout of your Denham Springs home. What should you do to keep them outside and not in? W.O.L.F. Pest Control has all the information and prevention tips to keep your home spider-free.

a black widow spider on her web in dedham springs

Spiders In Louisiana 

Over 45,000 spiders exist around the globe, living in every habitat you can think of. They range from harmless to deadly. But here in Denham Springs, most of the spiders you will find in your home are harmless. There are just a few spiders that could land you in the hospital. But do you want any eight-legged, multiple-eyed creatures crawling about your home? Absolutely not.

Spiders are arachnids. They have venom to sting their prey, and many spiders are equipped with spinnerets that enable them to spin ornate webs. Spiders can have up to four sets of eyes! But some still don’t see well. A female spider can lay up to 3,000 spider eggs in her lifetime. Spiders vary by species in the habitats they prefer. Some spiders like dark and dry areas while others prefer moist, tucked-away spaces. Whether you look up or down, a spider might live there.

Why do spiders come inside? Spiders might stumble on your Denham Springs home looking for food, they could be drawn there by a mate, or they could be looking for somewhere to lay their eggs.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

All spiders are predators. As predators, spiders possess venom and fangs that they use to kill their prey or defend themselves. With harmless spiders, such as cellar spiders (which looks like daddy long legs), or American house spiders, bites are rare and usually non-toxic. But some spiders like the northern black widow or the brown recluse could be medically dangerous.

The black widow is one of Louisiana's most dangerous spiders. But only the females bite. And the bites happen rarely. However, they are still dangerous. This glossy black spider possesses a token hourglass-shaped red mark on its abdomen. Since they like to hide in undisturbed webs, you might accidentally stumble on one. A spider bite from a northern black widow may merit medical attention.

The brown recluse spider is the second potentially dangerous spider you may run into. Unlike its web-spinning cousin, the brown recluse enjoys burrowing below ground. Watch where you step! A brown recluse bite damages cells and tissues, and a bite could be lethal for pets or children.

Spider-Prevention Tips For Your Home

Remember how we said that spiders come into your home looking for food? Guess what spiders like to eat? Other pests. Spiders are known as the world’s best natural pest control. But their free service may not leave you with peace of mind. To keep spiders out, you need a prevention plan that keeps other pests out too.

Death to cobwebs. If you see a cobweb, clear it out of whatever corner shed, crawl space, or cabinets you find it in.
Bar entry. Don’t let spiders or any other pests in! Seal around doors and windows to keep spiders from coming inside.
Clean up. Keeping your home tidy is key to avoiding pests and their predators. Clean frequently to avoid kitchen-invading bugs. Keep your outdoor spaces clean too. Remove brush or overgrowth around your home. Store firewood away from your home.

When Prevention Doesn’t Work

Do you need more advice on spider control or spider control assistance? Contact the professionals at W.O.L.F. Pest Control. We can not only get rid of spiders from your home, we can get rid of all the insects they prey upon. Reach out to us today with questions or to schedule an inspection.

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