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    Protect Your Territory! 

​​We are a local pest control company serving the Greater Baton Rouge Area. We guarantee that our services produce fantastic results in the prevention and elimination of General Pest, Rodent and Termite. Contact us and speak directly with an experienced and licensed technician.

Why choose us?

​- We offer a guarantee on the pests that you request treatment for. We will work with you and will retreat the affected area(s) free of charge if activity persists. Therefore there is no risk to try it out!

- Our goal is to get the job done right the first time and for the long term! We assess your home, identify and fix the reasons that pests entered your home in the first place. We will fix entry points and do any hands on construction work that may be needed to seal a home and prevent pest/rodent entry. 

- No need to waste time, money and labor work on products from the store that are not effective and can often cause problems to be worse if applied in the wrong manner or for the wrong pest.

- Products from the store have a strong odor which will cause insects to scatter and not cross the product. Our products are odorless and long lasting allowing insects to cross our products being effectively controlled. 

- We are a one stop shop for pest control carrying multiple licenses allowing us to control any pest issue, whether that is termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs and much more, we successfully control all. 

- Having us take care of a pest issue can save you a lot of stress, wasted time and money to soon realize the problem may not be solved if attempted on your own.

- Products are safe and regulated in Louisiana and trusted for hospital use

- Our equipment and experience help us to get the job right the first time 

- Our treatments will deter other pests such as wasps from forming a nest on your home.

- We can offer a one-time, weekly, monthly or quarterly treatment and create a treatment that best works for you. 

​- We will work around your schedule.

- We offer a loyalty program for returning customers and refer a friend and receive 50% off!
- We specialize in Residential & Commercial Pest Control Plans that can be customizable just for you


The initail service is designed to rid your home of pest living in your house. this is achevied by using a combination of baits, dust, and other products in your home. we use only epa safe products that are safe to use around children and pets. You may notice a possible increase in pest activity after this treatment, but remember, these are the bugs that were nesting in your home that are soon to be out of your life for good!!


 The regular services are provided on a quarterly basis ( every three months) Our environmentally friendly products naturally break down after 90 to 100 days, but by keeping a constant protective barrier on your home, the products will work keeping the bugs at bay.

Re-treats: If in between regular services you continue to have pest activity in your home, Wolf will return and retreat the affected areas free of charge.

Inspections: A certified technician will inspect your home for active pest activity and potential problem areas. This will allow us to develop a treating method specific to your home.


Power spray: We apply a 3 ft. x 3 ft. liquid barrier around the base of the home & treat all eaves, over hangs, and access points.


Granulation: Water activated product adds an additional 15-20 feet of protection to your home.


Dust: We apply dust to the cracks and crevices around the outside of your home.


De-webbing: During each scheduled treatment Wolf will be there to keep all spider webs clear from your home.


Bait: We bait areas outside your home for extra protection.


Inside spray: This is needed on the first treatment only. If there are areas that need to be treated, just let us know before your next service and we'll treat the inside at no charge.

Wolf Pest Control guarantees results. We manage your pests so you don't have to. If customers continue to experience unwanted insects that are covered in our program, we will re-treat the affected area(s) free of charge. We make sure to work with customers until they are satisfied. 

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